The Three Most Commonly Asked Questions When Going Natural

Q. Do I have to cut my hair to go natural?
A. No, you do not have to cut your hair. You can wear transistional hairstyles until you are comfortable with your length enough to cut it. This cut is commonly known as the "BIG CHOP"

Q. What styles can I wear when in transistion?
A. You can wear kinky twists, straw sets, flat irons, braids and many more hairstyles.

Q. How long does my hair have to be before the BIG CHOP?
A. At least 3 to 4 inches of natural hair.

Q. How much can I expect to spend on getting my hair done?

Traditional Starter Locks  
Lock repair $5 a lock
Lock Maintenance (palm roll, lock stitch) $55 & up
Coiled Twist $50 & up
Double Strand Twist $65 & up
Flat Twist $50 & up
Twistout $55 & up
Sew in weave (natural textured & straight hair) $150 & up
Afro Kinky Twist $160 & up
Senegalese Twist $160 & up
Lock Extensions $300 & up
Freestyle Braids $160 & up
Invisible Braids $200 & up
Cornrow Braids $55 & up
Design Braids $45 & up
Flat Iron Press $50 & up
Straw Set $65 & up
Rod Set $45 & up
Braided Up Afro Puff $55 & up
Braided Up Mohawk $55 & up
Afro Trim $15 & up
Afro Blowout $15 & up
Braided Front Afro $20 & up
We offer the client not only tips on how to maintain his or her hair on a daily basis, we also educate them on the importance of heralthy haircare. We help with the transistion of going natural, which can sometimes overwhelimingly stressful. We offer tips on products that can make your transistion a lot easier. Come and let us help make your journey a pleasant one.

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